America is dead in some states + ICE Dir. Tom Homan “I’ve never seen it this bad”!

Monday, April 12, 2021: Show #1091

America is dead in some states + ICE Dir. Tom Homan “I’ve never seen it this bad”!

(0:00-13:27) Mask Freedom Bill signed by Governor Ducey!
Governor Ducey signs the “mask freedom” bill making it illegal for city’s and towns to force businesses to mandate masks. Ducey signing good bills, more like he was his first term. Jeff will take it but, where was that governor 12 months ago?

Free America vs. Tyrant America
Jeff describes the tale of two America’s, the “free states” vs. the repressive tyrant states. People voting with their feet! Look at the license plates!

California tyrants erect a fence around business that dared to allow customers to eat outside!

CA teachers still unwilling to go back to work. One unleashes on kid during Zoom class!

(13:28-22:59) Fences work on business in CA but not at the border?
Show me the DATA! Grandma can’t go to Jeff’s daughters graduation. Logic is lost!

(24:00-43:21) Mark Haughwout: Common sense is dead!  Planes are governed by the feds, pack the people in. Ski resort on national forest regulated by feds, outdoor chairlift limited capacity. What gives?

Summers coming. Are protests, riots and looting coming once again?

Should everyone have skin in the game? Half of America pays zero federal taxes! There’s jobs out there but disincentives to work are huge!

Inflation and 2×4’s. Time to tear down old homes for the material?

Idaho STOP’s in Arizona?

NPR, Amtrak and the Post Office!

(43:22-57:48) Former I.C.E. Dir. Tom Homan: “This is broken arrow”
Former ICE Director Tom Homan discusses border disaster! “I’ve never seen it this bad”. Homan goes on to describe the situation as a planned crisis. This isn’t mismanagement. They knew exactly what they were doing. 

“35 years doing this, in my worst nightmare I wouldn’t have thought they’d go this far!”

Homan goes on to describe this humanitarian crisis where children are dying, women are being raped and cartels are profiting!

57:49-74:20 listeners chime in including someone calling big woke corporations telling them to bud out! + Jeff addresses a listener comments re: graduation guests + packing the Supreme Court? + Jeff believes AOC, so should you! 

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