MIT Study: No safer indoors at 6’ vs 60′, election bill dead, section 230 protections with Glenn Leest

(00:00-15:17) New MIT Study: Social Distancing guidelines questioned

No safer indoors at 6’ vs 60’! MIT STUDY!

Jeff’s been calling out these politicians, bureaucrats and pseudoscience zombie followers for a year! Well now a new peer reviewed study calls into question indoor social distancing policies. The CNBC article also delves into outdoor social distancing saying, it makes almost no sense and that doing so with masks on is “kind of crazy.”

(15:18-27:41) Election Bill Dead. Democrat attempt to stop Audit

J&J vaccine pause unpaused by CDC. Election reform bill dead by vote of one Repbulican. Jeff breaks down what happened.  Plus more info on the election audit and the Democrat attempt to stop it from happening.

(27:42-43:23) Section 230 Protections

Glenn Leest explains what section 230 is. Texas looks at protections against big tech. Future of socials?

Check out Glenn here!

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