Defund Police? Rally for Police at 5PM. Pres. of FLG Police Association on with Jeff at 4:06

The Flagstaff City Council is meeting today at 5PM via Zoom to discuss possibly defunding some of the Flagstaff Police Departments budget and redirecting upwards of $1,200,000 to an “alternate care response” program.

A rally to maintain the department and staffing at current levels is planned in front of Flagstaff City Hall (211 West Aspen Ave) Monday at 5PM.

The Flagstaff Police Department is currently short by about 13 officers and this proposal, if approved, would make it so these vacant positions are not filled and the money would instead be redirected away from traditional policing.

Jeff will talk with the President of the Flagstaff Law Enforcement Association (FLEA) Michael Oliver today at 4:06 on 97.1FM the Big Talker & via live stream covering police pay, funding levels, morale, retention of officers and much more!

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  1. I wrote to our Mayor and City Council telling them the people of Flagstaff didn’t want this to happen with the former mayor and we still don’t want it to happen. They always pretend to protect the most vulnerable…but that is who they hurt the most. Our current mayor was happy to call the local police when he so called thought he had an issue….but yet he doesn’t want that same right for his own citizens. So lets instead send a social worker instead into a dangerous situation. I’m so sick of the lack of common sense in our politicians and so many that support them. I wish I was in town today so I could stand with our man and woman in blue who put their lives in risk everyday to defend us.

  2. I will not shop or eat in Flagstaff ever again if they defund FPD.

  3. This is just another play that wants to put criminals in charge. We need police and we want them. So if the ones don’t want them then leave. Go where the crime rate is soaring. Stupid people and another thing police don’t go help these idiots. Prayers for our police.

  4. We revere, love and dearly appreciate the Flagstaff PD. We live in Williams but Flagstaff is our sister city. This is heartbreaking on so many levels! I will be praying very hard that this does not happen!

    God Bless our brave men and women in blue!

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