Defund the FLG Police? AZ Not Getting 10th Congressional District!

Monday, April 26, 2021, Show #1101

Defund the FLG Police? AZ Not Getting 10th Congressional District!

(0:00-16:56) Defund the Police? Flagstaff looking into it!

The Flagstaff City Council discusses possibly defunding some of the Flagstaff Police Departments budget and redirecting upwards of $1,200,000 to an “alternate care response” program. 

The Flagstaff Police Department is currently short by about 13 officers and this proposal, if approved, would make it so these vacant positions are not filled and the money would instead be redirected away from traditional policing. 

Jeff talks with the President of the Flagstaff Law Enforcement Association (FLEA) Michael Oliver about police pay, funding levels, morale, retention of officers and much more! Also discuss a pro police funding rally in front of Flagstaff City Hall.

(16:57-28:09) Jeff to “officials” OMG…Read the Study and get a clue! Are we still doing #science?

Jeff recaps Flag rally against defunding police (and possible counter protestors) in front of Flagstaff City Hall. Alternate Care response? 

Jeff recaps peer reviewed MIT study that social distancing outside with masks is “kind of crazy”.  A listener is hopeful that American’s will wake up BUT….

Jeff’s tired of hearing, “they did the best they could”. This is our countries future! Let’s set the bar a little higher!

(28:10-43:21) AZ Not Getting 10th Congressional District!

US population rises to 331,449,281, Census Bureau says but AZ Not Getting 10th District after all.

Independent Redistricting Commission meeting and discussing using firm that has raised some concerns.
The AZ GOP sent this info. “Below is the link to the IRC Public Meeting and sign-up to comment pages as well as the link to HaystaqDNA’s website.” AZ GOP

Public Meetings page

Sign-up page

HaystaqDNA page

Did Gaven Newsome Consider using F-15 to disperse protestors?

Show me the money. Republican Senator Josh Hawley to Introduce $12K Child Tax Credit Bill and family UBI!


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