Debunk the Junk from the Biden Speech with Mark Haughwout and Rob Wilson

Thursday, April 29, 2021: Show #1104

Debunk the Junk from the Biden Speech with Mark Haughwout and Rob Wilson

Jeff spends time to DEBUNK THE JUNK from Biden’s speech!


School board takes over meeting over masks! Masks while running outside…STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! Joy Reid of MSNBC said what? Getting out of the way of the spray, spittle and “backdraft”! Plus, the “HISTORIC” speech? FREE everything. Jeff breaks down Biden’s address to Congress and spends time to DEBUNK THE JUNK!

Mark Haughwout on dumpy hotels, ammo and fireworks!


Lumber costs what! Mark and Jeff discuss cedar vs. hemp fir! Mark describes his recent road trip and his bad experience in Albuquerque plus ammo and fireworks in Arkansas.

+++ FREE CONCERT In Downtown WILLIAMS Friday, April 30, 6-9PM +++

Mark Haughwout & Jeff Break Down Biden’s Unicorn List!


Biden’s claim on the vaccine. What about Warp Speed and Trump?  Plus Mark breaks down five lies in 8 minutes!  The media is unreal! Who’s gonna pay for all this FREE stuff? Too big to fail? NOPE, companies should fail!  Plus the “discovery of the internet”!

Did the assault weapons ban lower violence? Rob Wilson explains. 


Mark Haughwout thinks Biden should give every American a free gun safe. Rob Wilson of Timberline Firearms and Training explains the assault weapons ban. Did it lower deaths and violence? What would the new version ban?

Plus what happened with Arizona’s census? What about the county districts? Rob Wilson explains. 

Bison hunters needed & listeners chime in by email


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