Crazy I-17, Stuart McDaniel on CA Gov. Recall, Mark Haughwout on big new hospital in Flagstaff

Mark Haughwout and Stuart McDaniel join Jeff to discuss crazy drivers on I-17, TSA extending face mask requirements, plus a new $750+ million hospital complex possibly coming to Flagstaff. Mark chimes in on housing prices and height limits. Jeff get’s some good news on guests at upcoming graduation. Will he auction off a ticket for college funds? Bear death in CO, Florida as the place of freedom and more.  Stuart McDaniel breaks down the crazy California recall election and Olivia fills us in on the highest point in Florida. Listeners chime in on Ducey’s executive order that you need to actually look for a job to keep your unemployment….imagine that!

Categories: Misc.

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  1. Glad people must actually look for work to receive unemployment checks. Work fare in California was popular for years for people receiving welfare once upon a time in Hollywood!

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