Majority Leader Ben Toma on tax cuts, Councilwoman Salas and Flagstaff Green New Deal, Jeff dumpster diving

Monday, May 24, 2021: Show #1120

Councilwoman Salas and Flagstaff Green New Deal, Rep. Toma, Jeff Dumpster Diving

Jeff starts a fire in May! Don’t start your garden outside in FLG until after May! AZ Democrats urge Senators Sinema and Kelly to end filibuster. To go liquor a go going forward. Meat prices going up!

Housing prices & 1031 Exchanges.

Councilwoman Regina Salas Discusses Flagstaff’s Green New Deal Proposal

$92million tax

$400+ million program

Retrofits of commercial and residential properties 

Converting from natural gas to all electric 

Contact the council at…

You can call Councilwoman Salas 928-714-6810

Rep. Ben Toma discusses tax cuts!


Could you survive in the wild for two weeks? Jeff has his doubts!

Jeff explains why President Biden’s push to end 1031 Exchanges will cause unintended consequences and higher housing prices. 

Representative Ben Toma (House Majority Leader) gives a legislative update and discusses possible tax cuts and a flat tax rate in Arizona. 

Dumpster diving, family and getting people back to work


Jeff shares a dumpster diving experience. What would you dumpster dive for?

Joe from Cottonwood on the importance of family.

Matt in FLG on how to get people off unemployment!

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