Victor Riches on Flat Tax, Mark Haughwout on bike safety and lumber tariffs!

Victor Riches on Flat Tax, Mark Haughwout on bike safety and lumber tariffs!

Thursday , June 3, 2021: Show #1127

00:00-14:26 Filibuster pressure, drones and hacks

Pressure mounts on Senator Sinema to end filibuster. Will she hold firm? If she buckles you get the Green New Deal, Nationalized Elections and your guns are gone! Advanced drone outruns two Tucson choppers after violating airspace. Cartels dropping bombs in Mexico via drones. 

14:27-26:12 US Flag on fire, our food supply & national security, Williams theme park?

AZ Veterans Flag stolen after someone tried to set it on fire! LISTENER TEXT…No Jeff doesn’t want to break up meat processing companies…but…maybe buying from local and regional suppliers may be good for our countries food supply! Big development in Williams, AZ may include a theme park.

26:13-43:07 Victor Riches from Goldwater Inst. on Flat Tax for AZ

Victor Riches is an attorney with the Goldwater Institute and returns to talk about his recent oped supporting Arizona going to a lower tax and a flat tax.  Mark Haughwout and Jeff discuss this with Victor. Plus, did some members of the Legislature go on vacation while budget breakdown was occurring?

43:08-65:15 Mark Haughwout on bike safety and lumber price increases

Frequent contributor Mark Haughwout returns to the show to discuss last weekends Flagstaff bike tragedy and bike safety. Mark, who is a contractor, also talks about the massive increase in lumber prices and tariffs being proposed by President Biden that would increase lumber prices even more.

65:16-73:49 Invisible Art, Spreading the wealth and Green New Deal Questions

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