Gerald Celente of Trends Journal, Williams Mayor John Moore, Glenn Leest, John Heilner

Gerald Celente of Trends Journal, Williams Mayor John Moore, Glenn Leest, John Heilner


Friday, June 4, 2021: Show #1128


Keeping the filibuster, lumber and water


Vaccine sites shutting down in AZ. 

Listeners chime in on keeping the filibuster + water issues in Chino Valley. 

Lumber up but what about the timber/trees?  What gives? Is there really a threat from Canada re. dumping?


Mayor John Moore of Williams 


  • Vietnam Moving Memorial Wall is in Williams this weekend.  
  • Large development planned
  • Water issues and growth 


Glenn Leest &  John Heilner labor numbers, meat hacking and more!



Glenn Leest is a Senior Investment Advisor at WT Wealth Managment,

John Heilner is the Chief Investment Officer


Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal 


Gerald Celente of the talks about Uniting for Freedom Peace and Justice and the tireless minority that continues to push for freedom in the US and around the world.


Gerald talks the WTO, Hong Kong’s democracy movement crushed and standing up for freedom. “This is global!”


Jeff and Gerald talk about cyber security and our systems vulnerability to cyber attacks and the “bigs getting bigger”!



Jeff wraps up the week!


Coke is too woke, especially in one county in N.C.
Job gains but many not in workforce. Plus Jeff hates when media says, cover forced businesses to close…no! It was the politicians!

Trump calls out RINO AZ Gov Ducey…Jeff explains

AZ Governors race discussed

Stepping up cyber security!

Opportunities for smaller companies?

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