Senator Wendy Rogers weighs in on state budget and banning critical race theory in schools.

Senator Wendy Rogers weighs in on state budget and banning critical race theory in schools.

Monday, June 7, 2021: Show #1129

00:00-15:32 Still no budget and tax cuts voted down.

Jeff breaks down the return of the AZ House from a recess after budget talks broke down 10 days ago. First casualty, proposed tax cut fails 30 to 30 with 1 Republican (and 29 Democrats) brining it down. 

15:33-27:39 Is push to nationalize our elections dead?

Richard texts Jeff about speculation on the failure of SR/HR1, what Jeff’s called the nationalization of America’s elections. Is it finally failing, Senator Manchin saying no?

27:40-43:05 Olivia starts a petition 

The internet went down and Jeff considers StarLink. Curtis chimes in on the poor condition of our roads. Pay more taxes, get less? Olivia started a petition at her school getting a majority of her classmates to sign on to no masks in school next year. 

43:06-64:16 An Update with Senator Wendy Rogers (LD6) 

Senator Wendy Rogers returns to the show and gives an update on the audit that continues in Maricopa County. She also weighs in on the states budget, banning mask mandates, banning critical race theory being taught in schools and banning vaccine passports.

64:17-73:26 Jeff’s not chopper Dave!

Jeff answers some listener texts including a complaint that he didn’t update on a road closure due to a fire! Rise of the global minimum tax? G7 is into it!

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  1. Wendy-Did you observe or hear any audit volunteers complain about any Biden Administration efforts to use coercion, blackmail or veiled threats to use the federal courts to sabotage the audit into a complete stop?…which the federal courts seem to be more than willing to oblige the Biden Administration and his gun grabbers with (which also seems to be very Clinton Crime Syndicate-ish)🇺🇸

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