A.G. Mark Brnovich talks with Jeff about his Senate run. Bruce Sidlinger on inflation.


A.G. Mark Brnovich talks with Jeff about his Senate run. Bruce Sidlinger on inflation.


Thursday, June 10, 2021:  Show #1132

0:00-11:28 Jeff gives a fire update + AG Brnovich running for Senate

Jeff gives a quick fire update. Attorney General Mark Brnovich enters the US Senate race. Governor Ducey calls for special session of Legislature to address fighting and funding AZ fires. Jeff wonders why we don’t have a permanent rolling fund and action plan?

11:29-43:25 Bruce Sidlinger and Jeff discuss inflation

Laughing at yourself and others is a lost art in America. Jeff and Bruce break down the latest inflation numbers. No surprise here! Jeff can’t eat his computer but the increased cost of the gas he puts in his increasingly expensive car to buy increasingly expensive groceries is not counted (or they’re adjusted). So life’s essentials according to the government are not going up. Who believes that! Plus Jeff and Bruce talk:

  • AZ Homestead exemption expanded to $250,000 in Arizona, BUT….(listen for the big but!)
  • Jeff and Bruce answer a listener question about “what to invest in”.
  • Front loading your bucket list.


43:26-46:50 Fire Updates

Jeff gives another AZ fire update



46:51-62:11 Jeff talks with Attorney General Brnovich about his US Senate Announcement.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich announces for the US Senate and Jeff talks with him shortly after the announcement discussing:

  • The filibuster 
  • The out of control spending
  • The woke culture
  • DC control and the horrible SR/HR1 Election Bill
  • Forest health and fire issues



62:11-74:05 Controlling people by controlling property 

Jeff follows up on AG Brnovich’s comments about controlling people through controlling property. Jeff shares his grandmas side of the family experience in East Germany. Jeff answers listener questions on masks in schools and how to prepare if you have little money!

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