LOCAL AFGHAN EFFORT: Flagstaff former Special Forces Physician Assistant Ryan Ziegler heads to Afghanistan. DONATIONS NEEDED.

Flagstaff resident Ryan Ziegler is one of several former Special Forces who have volunteered to fly into Kabul to airlift US and Afghan citizens out of the war torn country. Thousands of Americans and Afghan allies are trapped and their lives are at risk as they scramble to get out of the country after the sudden collapse and takeover by the Taliban.

Ziegler served in Afghanistan as an 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant during some of the most intense fighting from 2016-2017. Now he serves in the National Guard and works as a physicians assistant (PA) for Flagstaff Bone and Joint.

Ziegler is also a volunteer with Global Surgical and Medical Support Group (GSMSG), which is one of several organizations aiding in the effort to get people out of Afghanistan.

DONATIONS are being accepted to help pay for flights into Kabul. About $150,000 has been raised so far which goes a long way to covering the first of what Ziegler hopes will be several flights in and out of Kabul. Chartering a 737 is estimated to be around $180,000 for the round trip flight in and out of Kabul.

Ziegler left his family in Flagstaff late Sunday night and is expected to fly into Kabul within the next 12-24 hours.

Ryan Ziegler’s interview will air today on the Jeff Oravits Show. Show starts at 4:06PM on 97.1FM and streaming at www.BigTalkerRadio.com

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  1. This is Ryan Ziegler writing here. Thank you Jeff for putting out this information. The most important part of this message is that you can help with even just a 5, 10, 50, 100$ donation. HKIA is brimming with people trying to evacuate and the airport is at capacity. This is causing a “triage” of people and families being let in. US Citizens first and on down. Once someone comes to the gate they are risking everything if they don’t make it through and are turned away because Taliban are waiting for them. More flights equals faster turn over and more lives saved. Also the environmental factors are beginning to take a toll on those waiting. Some have waited several days with minimal water, food, or sanitation. Reports of people just passing out are not uncommon. Average high temp is in the low 90’s. Please follow the link and give, don’t think that even 5$ won’t help, because it will.

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