Andy Biggs on botched Afghan withdrawal, (they)“probably have committed crimes”. #Science? Jeff try’s to interpret FUSD nonsensical exception to Covid rules. Plus, the Australian Police State.

Andy Biggs on botched Afghan withdrawal, “probably have committed crimes”. #Science? Jeff try’s to interpret FUSD nonsensical exception to Covid rules. GET YOUR KIDS OUTTA PUBLIC SCHOOLS! Plus, the Australian Police State. 
Friday, September 3, 2021: Show# 1188

  1. (0:00-19:00) Chair of the Freedom Caucus Congressman Andy Biggs. Have many Americans become Charlie Brown while Lucy, AKA Fauci, pulls the football away time after time? Congressman Andy Biggs chimes in about the Covid war, the Afghanistan war, Liz Cheney, phone records and more. Plus, Biggs bill, if you received federal dollars, you shouldn’t be able to tell workers they need to be vaccinated, especially if they’ve already gotten Covid. Are eviction moratoriums coming back?  What’s Pelosi trying re Roe v Wade and the Texas abortion bill? Finally, what consequences will President Biden face after the disastrous Afghanistan withdraw? “There will be people that probably have committed crimes here” Biggs. 
  2. (19:01-31:05)Apple delays the release of their controversial plan to scan your photos. Are printed id’s gonna be a thing of the past? Arizona now allows state id’s with the Apple Wallet, for now at airports and thru the TSA. Plus, a listener asks why Jeff is still so harsh on Governor Ducey.
  3. (32:52-43:22) Who thinks of this stuff?  FUSD….are they just making s*** up. Think tank cubicle warriors come up with an incoherent plan the makes exceptions to their own supposed #science. 
  4. (43:23-58:16) In Austrailia, the police will be sent if you don’t reply to the Covid tracker! Nancy comments about the 10 states she’s driven through and signs of hope. Jeff uses the Lucy and Charlie Brown football scene and hopes that maybe only a third of the population is stupid! Working a 12 hour shift because of labour shortages to most likely provide goods and services to lazy couch surfers. PEOPLE ARE SICK OF IT, relocating to new states and more! Let’s not become the dystopian Republic of Australia. Jeff gives more details of the tyranny in the land down under. 
  5. (58:17-74:10) Is the eviction moratorium finally over? Jeff gives an update with info from Attorney Tevis Reich. Jeff goes over some great Labor Day Weekend events and finishes off with a great story out of Cottonwood.

As discussed, the nonsensical letter from FUSD

Good afternoon FUSD Families,

We are proud of the start of the 2021-2022 school year.  Your support and partnership is appreciated as we continue to address challenges related to COVID-19.  Please review the following Information regarding the Flagstaff Unified School District’s response efforts.  

K-12 Quarantine Guidelines

The Coconino County Health and Human Services Department has authorized the Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) implementation of updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which changes the close contact definition and quarantine guidelines.  With the requirement of staff, students, and visitors to wear face masks, while indoors on school district property, FUSD qualifies for the following K-12 school exception: 

In the K-12 indoor classroom setting, the close contact definition excludes students who were within 3 to 6 feet of an infected student (laboratory-confirmed or a clinically compatible illness) if both the infected student and the exposed student(s) correctly and consistently wore well-fitted masks the entire time. This exception does not apply to teachers, staff, or other adults in the indoor classroom setting.

What does this mean for FUSD?  Since students and staff are required to wear masks at all times while indoors, except while eating and drinking, we will not have to quarantine students who are identified as close/direct contact as long as masks were worn properly while at school. Our COVID support team will be investigating the positive student’s movement through the day to determine times when a mask may not have been worn properly.  Unvaccinated students will be required to quarantine if the Coconino County Health and Human Services and FUSD COVID Support Team determines that masks were not worn properly during contact with COVID-19 positive persons.  “Notice of COVID-19 Exposure” notifications will be sent to FUSD families for students in the same class or classes as COVID-19 positive individuals. 

This is good news for our students and staff. This will reduce the potential for learning loss and students getting behind in school because of repeated quarantine requirements. We will continue to monitor correct mask wearing in our buildings and will send regular reminders home to families to monitor their student’s health each day, and to not send students to school who are sick or who had a direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

Outbreak Determinations

The Coconino County Health and Human Services Department, in coordination with the FUSD COVID Support Team, uses several factors to designate schools as being in outbreak status including the number of positive cases, students quarantining with symptoms and/or pending test results, and students marked absent for illness during a two-week period.  Actions taken by FUSD may include closing the school temporarily for a designated period of time to reduce interactions among students and staff to minimize possible transmission of COVID-19 at the site, and completing enhanced cleaning and air purification.  

Decisions to close schools and transition to temporary remote learning are made only when deemed necessary.  Notifications about outbreak designations will be sent to FUSD families via phone, email, and text.  Families and students should be prepared to transition to temporary remote learning with little advance notice, including students taking iPad devices and other needed materials home each day. 

COVID-19 Health Metrics and Positive Case Dashboard

The Flagstaff Unified School District provides families, team members, and the community weekly updates regarding the overall risk level for COVID-19 and a data dashboard for confirmed COVID-19 cases.  Information is updated each Friday and is available at the FUSD website.

Health Metrics:

Positive Case Dashboard:

Information and Questions

Information about our Mitigation Strategies for the 2021-2022 school year are available on the FUSD website:   

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Getting vaccinated doesn’t just help protect you, it also helps protect those around you who haven’t yet been vaccinated including young children. With the FDA-approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, the public can be very confident that this vaccine meets the high standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality.  FUSD strongly encourages families, staff and eligible students to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Additional information regarding vaccines and vaccination locations please visit Coconino County website: 

Questions or concerns can be directed to  

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