#’s just don’t make sense! +get off the couch & get a job, 10,000,000 out there. Jerry Nabours on misinformation & Northern Lights.


#’s just don’t make sense! Get off the couch & get a job, 10,000,000 out there. Jerry Nabours on misinformation and Northern Lights.
Wednesday, September 8, 2021: Show# 1191

  1. (0:00-17:17) Unemployed united? Get off the couch. Jeff goes over a lawsuit by unemployed to get $300/wk reinstated. Wow, all that effort! Get a job! There’s 10,000,000 unfilled jobs out there. 
  2. (17:18-27:51) How is there a 300% Covid increase from Labor Day 2020-2021 when 83% have anti-bodies? 
  3. (27:52-43:05) The numbers don’t add up! Jeff dives deeper into the numbers of a recent JAMA study on anti-bodies in US population.
  4. (43:06-57:47) Jerry Nabours talks about misleading headlines regarding the “Remain in Mexico” policy and how Biden has softened the border and increased illegal immigration. Is Jerry gonna end up at a Covid hotel in Iceland? 83% with antibodies…why the 300%+ spike year over year?
  5. (61:38-73:45) Jeff answers some listener texts 877-971-3971 about running for office, covid and more. Plus a recap of Rep. Bolick’s recent interview. 

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  1. RE ELECT Jerry Neighbors our favorite neighbor for MAYOR. Meanwhile, we will see Jerry in ICELAND. Jillian & Tom of Flagstaff & Canada…near ICELAND 🇮🇸♥

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