Biden as Emperor Palpatine + the biggest threat to the U.S. is? Labor shortages will only grow with mandates.

Biden as Emperor Palpatine + the biggest threat to the U.S. is? Labor shortages will only grow with mandates.
Monday, September 13, 2021: Show# 1194

  1. (0:00-18:55) 56% Dems think Trump supporters & unvaccinated are greatest threat to country! Republicans think Taliban, China and defunding police activists are biggest threats. Jeff and Bruce break it down. 
  2. (18:56-32:04) Bidin dictates who the private sector can hire thru force and mandate to those with 100 or more employees. Is there an out? Bruce explains. Plus, government certification on religion and cracking down on religious excemptions. What’s next?
  3. (32:05-43:16) Jeff argues for natural immunities in certain cases and questions why Dr. Fauci doesn’t have an answer to this in a recent interview.  Jeff and bruce discuss an Israeli study that points out the high protection natural anti bodies provide. 
  4. (43:17-59:37) Labor shortages are only going to grow. Jeff discusses how there may be more added to the estimated 2,000,000 unfilled jobs in the U.S. as a result of Bidens mandates. Why would any business want employees with all the burdensome regulations and mandates? Will all unskilled jobs be robots and eventually lead to UBI? How the eviction moratorium is the line that lead to more and more control of the private sector. What can’t DC dictate now?
  5. (59:38-74:08) Is there hope? Jeff says yes, but… while Bruce is not so optimistic. Jeff’s advice/words of encouragement. Jeff answers a few lister comments. 

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