An hour w. Kari Lake talking rural AZ, the “pissed off moms and dads”, corrupt media, decertifying election and Trump endorsement. Leest and Heilner on Inflation and China.

An hour w. Kari Lake talking rural AZ, the “pissed off moms & dads”, corrupt media, decertifying election & Trump endorsement. Leest & Heilner on Inflation & China.
Thursday, October 22, 2021: Show# 1212

  1. (0:00-14:18) Kari Lake was a host on Fox10Phoenix for decades and shares her experiences in the media, the lack of coverage in the media, how it began to feel “gross” to continue in the media and how she came to the decision to leave the industry and run for Arizona Governor. Kari reflects on Governor Ducey’s overreach during the past 18 months and how she would handle Covid and other emergencies going forward.
  2. (14:19-27:34) The Great State of Maricopa vs. the rest of the state and her call to decertify the election.  Jeff and Kari also talk about rural Arizona and how it often seems like the forgotten “rest of the state” and is overshadowed by the “great state of Maricopa”. Kari also discusses her support for the Maricopa audit and her call to “decertify” the election. 
  3. (27:35-43:33) Kari weighs in on education including expanding vouchers (ESA’s). Jeff and Kari discuss the perilous times our nation is in and how governors going forward will be on the frontline of “pushing back” against federal overreach. Kari also addresses the border and what Arizona can do that the Feds won’t. Kari discusses some big recent endorsements including President Trump and Congressman Paul Gosar. 
  4. (43:34-62:50) Market/Inflation/China update with Glenn Leest and John Heilner of
  5. (62:51-74:25) Jeff answers some listener texts on National Forests returning to AZ control, the cost of a college degree and the supposed $$$ people make + more comments on McConnells debt ceiling waffle. 

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