Representative Walt Blackman on how to fix our education system. Ex county official going to jail for theft! Jeff breaks down Bidens latest dumb idea with some basic econ101.

Show# 1242: Thursday, November  18, 2021.
  1. 0:00-13:50 Bidens latest dumb idea. Biden asks FTC to investigate high gas prices. Seriously? Jeff breaks down Bidens latest dumb move in a long running series of dumb moves as Biden goes for the GOLD in being the best at failing! Jeff breaks down some simple supply and demand econ101 stuff.
  2. 13:51-43:19 Representative Walt Blackman discusses his plans to counter out of control school boards, CRT, mandates and more. Jeff and Walt also discuss the Arizona Congressional race and his push for the GOP nomination with what he calls out of state candidates landing in Arizona and trying to pick up a seat in Congress.  
  3. 43:21-61:02 Will “affordable housing” project have any impact on housing costs in Flagstaff?  Jeff thinks not.Punishment enough? A former county official gets nine months in jail and ordered to pay back the money he stole. That didn’t take long!  Janet Yellen, we’re gonna need to borrow money to pay for the recently passed infrastructure bill. 
  4. 61:03-74:11 NBC gets banned from courthouse in Rittenhouse trial, jury goes home with no verdict. The narrative continues! Ireland Deputy PM blames the 5% unvaccinated for latest Covid spike. Jeff ponders the lack of bookstores and questions if people know how to read anymore! Wrapping up with OnAir math and a Turkey Day poll on unvacinated turmoil at the old dinner table this Thanksgiving. 

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