“Build Back Better” passes house, Bruce Sidlinger discusses + Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty. Glenn Leest disinvests from China based companies. Olivia reads listener emails + Robot deliveries.

Show# 1243: Friday, November  19, 2021.
  1. (0:00-16:05) Jeff and Bruce discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty verdict. 
  2. (16:06-29:35) The Build Back Better Plan passes the House with bi-partisan disapproval (yeah 1 Democrat voted against it). Jeff and Bruce think it’s a spending boondoggle the country can’t afford. 
  3. (28:01-43:33) Olivia crashes the party and joins Jeff and Bruce to discuss “Build Back Better”, trains, charging stations and other wasteful government spending. Covid and Europe re-lock down. What this means for economies around the world. Bruce and Olivia are mad at Jeff’s robot abuse!
  4. (43:34-61:48) Glenn Leest of WT Wealth Managment returns to discuss why his company is disinvesting from companies based in China. Jeff and Glenn also get into inflation, supply chains and Jeff shares a chicken horror story. 
  5. (61:49-74:21) Olivia shares some listener comments on vouchers, the new I-11 corridor and a former county worker not getting a stiff enough punishment. 

Categories: State of Arizona

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