#1365: Rob Wilson recounts a night protecting his home during the Tunnel Fire. World Bank warns on inflation. Salas out in FLG mayors race.

#1365, Wednesday, April 27

Rob Wilson shares what it was like defending his home from the Tunnel Fire and also shares tips to protect your home, your valuables and loved ones. What about gun safes to protect your valuables? And are you insured enough to replace your home?

Getting worse? Jeff and Rob also discuss a new inflation warning from the World Bank.

Regina Salas gets booted off ballot due to lack of signatures. Rob shares his experience challenging signatures and describes the process.

All businesses are essential! Jeff and Rob discuss a new law in AZ protecting religious rights and keeping churches open as “essential businesses”.

Rob wants a full investigation on the Tunnel Fire. Do you have info to share?  Send your tips, info, pictures etc to info@tunnelfire.us

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  1. awesome Show Jeff !!!!!!!!! ________________________________

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