#1366: Good news when it comes to personal freedom in AZ + NAU giving “FREE” education + Bill limiting governors emergency powers.

#1366: April 28, 2022

Some good news from the Arizona Legislature (0:00-19:58) with a breakdown on three personal FREEDOM bills passing and being signed into law.

Joe Biden can’t get anything right (19:59-36:45) and now the economy contracted by 1.4% when estimates had it growing by 1%. Plus Jeff talks about the public schools which should be called the “government schools”. 

Arizona as a “Dark Sky State” (36:46-43:28) and one PHX area media outlet gives a list of where to go to view the stars…Jeff says just leave Phoenix. Plus, if you won the $473 million Powerball ticket, you can support the Jeff Oravits Show by mailing a small portion of your new found wealth to the Jeff Oravits Show at 2532 N. 4th St. #118, Flagstaff, AZ 86004 🙂

NAU giving “FREE” tuition to potentially half AZ households (43:29-63:54) “hoping to attract the best talent from Arizona” just as long as that “talent” is in a household making under $65,000 per year. No word on who’s paying for all this “FREE” education? NAU also going carbon neutral by 2030 after failing to go carbon neutral by 2020.

Bill limits Arizona’s governors emergency powers (63:55-74:07) if signed by…the governor that used these powers for 2 1/2 years.

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  1. Couple questions about the bills that passed. Do you still have to wear a mask at a Dr’s office or health care facility? Are employee’s that work in the health care industry still required to get the vaccine? I think those 2 issues were CDC requirements. Does Arizona Bill’s trump the CDC? Thank you for the info. Nancy

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