Ban on vaccine mandates, school mask mandates and closure of churches signed by Governor Ducey

Three personal freedom bills, all aimed at curbing government power, at least when it comes to mandates, were signed by Governor Ducey earlier this week.

Ban on vaccine requirements

HB 2498 prohibits any Arizona government entity from requiring a resident of the state from being forced to get a vaccination for Covid 19 or any variant. The bill was sponsored by Representative Jake Hoffman, who recently discussed the bill on the Jeff Oravits Show.

Ban on school mask mandates

Another bill, HB 2616 prohibits any school district or charter school in the state of Arizona from requiring “THAT A MASK OR FACE COVERING BE WORN BY A PERSON UNDER EIGHTEEN YEARS OF AGE WITHOUT THE EXPRESS CONSENT OF THE PERSON’S PARENT OR GUARDIAN.” The bill was sponsored by Representative Joseph Chaplik. This bill was passed by the legislature last year but because it was put into the states budget, and was not passed as a stand alone bill, it was voided by the Arizona Supreme Court. This opened the door to nearly an entire year of many school districts forcing mask mandates on children. One of the last schools in the state, Flagstaff Unified School District, just recently ended their mask mandate. Here is Rep. Chaplik discussing his bill on the Jeff Oravits Show.

Ban on closing churches during an emergency

A third bill, HB 2507, authored by House Majority Leader Ben Toma, prohibits the government from shutting down churches and religious organizations during an emergency. During the Covid lockdowns churches were shutdown across the country and religious freedoms that were supposed to be protected under the 1st Amendment were frequently violated. Upon passage of the bill Toma said that, “During the pandemic, while Arizona was blessed with government leaders that respected religious freedom and the essential role of religious organizations to the people, that wasn’t the situation in some neighboring states, this law ensures that religious freedom and services in Arizona will continue to be protected in the future, regardless of any emergency, or who leads the state.”

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