#1370: Mayor of Flagstaff Paul Deasy on forest health + AZ Superintendent candidate Shiry Sapir + Olivia and the Money Tree!

#1370: Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Mayor Paul Deasy discusses fire restrictions (0:00-33:22) and what needs to happen to protect our communities from wildfires including stage 1 fire restrictions year round. Should we start a volunteer fire group to help during wildfires? What’s happening when it comes to forest thinning? What about flooding issues? Jeff and Paul also discuss the housing crisis in Arizona and what some possible solutions may be…and what some of the problems are now. 

Fed raises interest rates 1/2 point (33:23-43:28), to fight inflation, so they claim. Jeff discusses why this will have little impact on inflation and what it means to personal debt and the national debt.

Protecting our kids from leftism in the government schools with Shiry Sapir (43:29-63:11), candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction of Arizona. 

Olivia and the The Valley of the Money Trees (63:12-74:17) and politicians that think money is free. Plus, listeners chime in.

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  1. We VOLUNTEER with WOOD WATCH group in Flagstaff. We also volunteered last week with the fires on hwy 89. Next volunteering in Las Vegas nv to see slowly disappearing lake Mead where we also live to volunteer for more than 10 years. A bit more water in Canada 🇨🇦 near Whistler bc next stop to check on 2 houses there due to their drought “eh?” HAPPY QUATRO DE MAYO kids Jillian &Tom

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