#1371: Glenn Leest discusses productivity at lowest since 1947. Senate candidate Jim Lamon discusses Roe V. Wade, SCOTUS, economy and debt.

#1371: Thursday, May 5, 2022

Glenn Leest gives a market update and discusses the economy (0:00-43:20) as well as many other topics including:

  • Why can’t he vote in Flagstaff, his address says Flagstaff
  • Chickens and goats
  • Inflation and higher interest rates
  • Local vs. DC politics and more!

Senate candidate Jim Lamon weighs in on leaked SCOTUS abortion decision (43:21-63:46). Jeff asks Jim if this mess (debt, border, inflation etc) is even fixable at this point. Jim discusses inflation, running a business, balancing budgets and more!

Jeff gives away some Flagstaff Friends of the NRA tickets (63:47-73:05) plus talks about a $400 million AZ highway expansion.

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  1. Jeff you mentioned if you were registered as an independent you would need to request a ballot to vote in the primaries. This is the first time my husband and I have registered as an independent and they automatically send me the paper work. So then I just had to pick if I want a Republican ballot or a Democrat ballot and send it back in their envelope that had pre-paid postage. But if people for some reason didn’t get one…then I would contact the Coconino recorder. Thanks for always keeping us informed. Nancy

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