#1373: Jeff talks with AZ Gubernatorial Candiate Kari Lake and CD2 Candidate Steven Krystofiak

#1373: Monday, May 9, 2022

Jeff’s discusses his top news picks of the day (0:00-15:59) including local, state, national and international happenings. 

  1. Arizona Supreme Court has rejected a push to kick Congresman Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar off the Ballot as well as state Rep. Mark Finchem for allegations of their alleged roles in the January 6th events. The plaintiffs cited a clause of the Constitution enacted during the Civil War known as the “disqualification clause.” The AZSC ruled the same way the Maricopa County Superior Court did in an earlier ruling.
  2. DOW falls more than 600 points.  Jeff gives a quick market update and some analysis. 

AZ gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake returns to the show (16:00-43:12) discussing forest health, inflation, the economy, Arizona as the place to set up a business and more.

Candidate for CD2 Steven Krystofiak (43:13-74:02) discusses why he’s running for Congress including his concerns about forest fires, the inflation problem, the economy and debt plus his thoughts on the Federal Reserve, supply chain issues, housing and more.

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