#1374: Bruce Sidlinger on why he thinks “the depression can’t come soon enough” + crime exploding and why debt forgiveness is gaining support.

#1374: Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Jeff’s discusses his top news picks of the day (0:00-14:16) including local, state, national and international happenings: HB2652, a new law tracking catalytic converters, Noel Campbell drops out of LD1 Senate race, another red flag warning and FUSD to open new preschools despite recent dire financial warning from Auditor General.

Bruce Sidlinger (14:17-74:00) discusses why he thinks “the depression can’t come soon enough” but warns this isn’t the “polite” society of the 1930’s. Bruce also discusses a culture of debt forgiveness and why contracts no longer mean anything. Gas is at record highs, what’s it mean for you? Jeff and Bruce discuss a new report with data showing housing prices largest increase in US right here in Arizona. Plus, Bill Gates has a new plan to spy on everyone, Bruce explains. 

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