#1375: Inflation up AGAIN! Amy Carney breaks down public school covid spending including disease investigators. Olivia and Jeff with some AZ news updates. 

#1375: Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Inflation way up again but don’t worry, the politicians are working on a fix (0:00-14:00). Jeff breaks down the inflation numbers including details on food, housing and vehicles.

Amy Carney explains where some of the $190 billion went (14:01-32:11) in ESSER funds.  FUSD has received over $21 million and have very little left. What’d they buy? Amy gives some details. Amy discusses Panorama and how FUSD has bought into this social and emotional learning (info at) https://www.panoramaed.com

Amy Carney Deputy Director of Building Education for Students Together

Jeff and Olivia ponder  why a disease investigator would be needed (32:12-43:20) in a public school and who’s gonna pay for it. Nancy chimes in on requesting a party ballot if you’re an independent. Apple dethroned by the Saudi Princes!

Jeff and Olivia give some news updates (43:21-74:03) including an execution in AZ, Flagstaff welding students go to national competition, more on inflation and baby formula shortages. Plus Ted chimes in on the First Amendment. 

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