#1380: Representative Joseph Chaplik gives a legislative update, when will this session end? + Jeff discusses a new Wendy Rogers controversy. Sue Thew talks about the need to donate blood.

#1380, Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Jeff starts with his news picks including a new Wendy Rogers controversy (0:00-15:59) and Jeff talks about the gas price disaster and is $10.00 gas coming?

Continuing with Jeff’s News Picks including a pro abortionist group pushing to amend Arizona’s Constitution (16:00-27:38) to allow abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Also, high school protestors in Flagstaff want abortion because it “isn’t just a women’s issue, it applies to anyone who can get pregnant.” Plus, property taxes going up, Jeff gives the details. 

Jeff talks with Sue Thew of Vitalant.org about the need for blood donors in Arizona (27:39-41:00) especially over the Memorial Day Weekend. You can donate blood this Thursday from 11am to 4pm at Little Dealer, Little Prices, on Hwy 69 in Prescott Valley. Set up a time to donate by going to…
Click on donate now 
Search Prescott 
Schedule a time 
You can also just show up but scheduling a time gets you through much quicker. 

Jeff also gives an update on a bill from Representative Andy Biggs (41:01-43:26) to eliminate the “death tax” 

Representative Joseph Chaplik gives a legislative update (43:27-74:15) including the status of election integrity bills, school choice as well as some surprising stats on how much money public schools have received this past year. Chaplik also discusses the state of the budget and a legislative session that’s gone
on way too long with no end in sight. 

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