#1385: Zach Ellman wants a better functioning country! Mark Haughwout discusses the ills of socialism and a politicians dream of “free” housing! 

#1385: Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Jeff talks about Rubin Gallego’s Ted Cruz tweet (0:00-15:26) plus another sign of the times, a huge fentanyl bust in AZ.

Zach Ellman of Just Wireless talks supply chain disruptions in the communication industry (15:27-43:22) and how do we get a better functioning country and why he’s bolting up the hatches!

Mark Haughwout talks new home construction decline (43:23-74:07) and Jeff brings up a Washington politician that wants to give away peoples homes. Socialism is awesome…until you run out of other peoples stuff! Mark talks about couch surfing.

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