#1401: Leest and Heilner, Feds lost control + Rep. Jeff Weninger talks Treasurers race, ESA’s and ESG’s + Forest closures, copper deaths and murder in Flagstaff

#1401, Thursday, June 16, 2022

The Feds list control of inflation! Glenn Leest and John Heilner give a market update 0:00-27:49 discussing new higher mortgage rates, recession chances, Biden’s dumb letter to oil executives and a Federal Reserve that’s lost control of inflation. Plus expenses for Americans way up. How to deal with this as an investor? How to deal with this as someone strapped for cash? John addresses crime increasing and its impacts on the upcoming election.

Jeff’s news picks include murder in Flagstaff 27:50-43:20 more forest closures, Timberline Firearms OPEN after recent fires (STOP on BY!) plus more on Phx copper theft.

Representative Jeff Weninger talks backpack funding for our kids 43:21-62:56 the state budget, ESA’s, ESG’s and more. https://www.jeffweninger.com/meetjeff

Jeff wraps up the day with a great even this Saturday where you can hear local and statewide candidates 62:57-74:12 (INFO HERE) plus fire restrictions and more.

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  1. I was listening to the interview from Jeff Weninger and was hoping you could check out something for me. He was talking about the back pack of money following the students. Which I think would be awesome and should have happened years ago. But I had heard that in this bill that if a school has 50 students or more they have to follow the public school guidelines…like what they teach, testing and etc. If that is the case then this is useless, since we are trying to get away from the public school and all their liberal ideas. Also another question I had for you. A conservative Tucson radio station is portraying Walt Blackman as a ryno and I have never seen that with him and always thought he did what he said he would do. Thank you so much for all you do and hope you liked the museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Nancy

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