#1404: Energy expert Larry Behrens on how to lower gas prices. Merissa Hamilton of Freedom works discusses AZ budget and upcoming Senate Forum. 

#1404: Tuesday, June 21, 2022 

Suspend the gas tax? Where’s the $20 billion coming from? 0:00-16:39 Plus AG Brnovich sues over school board meetings that blocked parents and Speaker of the AZ House Rusty Bowers testifies before January 6 Committee. 

Energy expert  Larry Behrens  on how America can get gas prices down 16:40-37:00, his take on the gas tax holiday proposal, Germany as an example of what not to do and what the coming months and years may bring when it comes to energy policy in America. + “Passing a law to turn up the wind!”

Listner comments including why doesn’t Jeff support a tax cut 37:01-43:25, +Top Gun Maverick and record rains…last year.

Merissa Hamilton from Freedom Works 43:26-62:24 shares info on this Thursdays 7PM US Senate forum right here in Arizona. Info and streaming here. Merissa also gives an update on some ridiculous “woke” items proposed in the AZ budget. 

If you were to ask a Candiate for governor or senate a question, what would it be? 62:25-74:13 Email Jeff a question at talkwithjeff@icloud.com

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