#1405: Abe Hamadeh on importance of AG + Arizona budget ballooning to $17.9 billion according to Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita. 

#1405: Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Gas tax holiday 0:00-14:15 equals bigger federal deficits. 

Abe Hamadeh on why states powers and states rights matter 14:16-37:07 and how an attorney general can stand up against federal overreach. https://www.abeforag.com 

Learn about your candidates with one of the most extensive resources 37:08-43:30 www.TalkWithJeff.com click on Election 2022

Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita discusses Arizona’s bloated $15.6 billion budget 43:31-61:28 and points out that it is actually over $17.9 billion dollars. Where’s the money going? Where are the fiscally conservative Republicans? https://electmichelle.com

Jeff from Sedona points out how much gas taxes cost the average fill up 61:29-74:22. Jeff proposes a program to encourage firewood production. 

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