#1406: Just 11 Republicans vote against Arizona’s massively bloated, record breaking $18 BILLION budget. Jeff breaks it all down!

Special interest groups and government agencies are surely salivating over Arizona’s bloated budget. Nearly the entire show is dedicated to the 5AM passage of the $18 billion spending bill. 

Ducey calls it “fiscally conservative”. Jeff calls it what it is, a bloated giveaway of your tax dollars that has more Democrats voting in favor than Republicans. But sadly, most Republicans voted in favor of this record breaking $18 billion special interest boondoggle. 

Only 3 Republicans voted against it in the Senate. 

Wendy Rogers

Warren Petersen

Michelle Ugenti-Rita 

Only 8 Republicans voted against it in the House 









Jeff gives a history lesson on past AZ budgets and how Ducey has doubled the state budget in his 8 years in office. 

Also discussed during the show is tonight’s US Senate debate and the SCOTUS ruling that upholds the 2nd Amendment when it comes to concealed firearms. 

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