#1418: Senator Wendy Rogers on why she’s supporting Kari Lake.  Senate candidate Jim Lamon talks $2.00 gas!

#1418: Monday, July 11, 2022

Gas down but everything up…forever? (0:00-15:19) Jeff’s News Picks include gas prices, deck inflation, teaching without a degree and high speed chases. 

Senator Wendy Rogers chimes in on Arizona’s Governors race and why she supports Kari Lake (15:20-43:21)  Senator Rogers also chimes in on the border, the DOJ case against voter ID laws, abortion, education and more. https://wendyrogers.org

Senate candidate Jim Lamon talks $2.00 gas! (43:22-60:44) paying down the national debt and how to bring gas prices down.  https://jimlamon.com

Jeff and Olivia answer listener comments on the border (60:45-74:10) and talk movie going and non woke choices. Plus, will the great sequoias burn?

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  1. Jeff I was hoping you’d pass on to your listeners, on how to get more information about the different candidates running for office. A great source is Arizona voters guide that you can get on-line. Many may also get this in the mail, but there is actually more information you can retrieve on-line. I like this guide because the different candidates running against each other are asked the same questions. Also the candidates are responding to these questions and it is not just someone doing a smear campaign. Where you don’t know if it is true or not. I was planning on voting for Jim Lamon, until I saw how he had answered a certain question. Asking if abortion should be prohibited except to prevent the death of the mother. His comment was that he supports abortion up to 15 weeks. So if I hadn’t done my homework, I would have been very disappointed to find this out. I urge all listeners to do their homework and make sure the person their voting for has their best interest at heart. I think if we’ve learned anything these last 2 years….is how important it is to make sure we have the best candidates in office. Not only for us personally, but our businesses, our children and grandchildren and saving this country. Otherwise it won’t matter if you live here….Canada….Australia or so many other countries. Thank you….Nancy

  2. When I say I won’t vote for these different candidates….I am talking about the primaries. I would have no choice but to vote for them in the general election. Would just love if I’d agree with a candidate 100%…but that is probable just a pipe dream. Keep informing us….so we can make the best decision. Nancy

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