#1419: Liz Harrington on “what keeps President Trump up at night”. Bruce Sidlinger on the Greater Reset + WHO says what?

#1419: Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Lawless in BIG blue cities in America where if you defend yourself you go to jail (0:00-14:42), Jeff talks about NYC clerk arrested for defending himself. Plus, Federal judge temporarily halts AZ personhood law, evictions back to pre-covid hysterics level and teachers unions want to railroad school choice.

No more “FREE” lunch in AZ? (14:43-24:45) plus Americas richest counties and AZ’s most expensive real estate. 

President Trumps Spokesperson Liz Harrington on who’s running the show in DC? (43:19-57:40) Liz talks about Jill Biden’s taco comments, the economy, Ukraine and what keeps President Trump up at night. Plus, there’s a Trump rally in Prescott Valley this Saturday with Donald Trump, Kari Lake and other AZ Candidates.

WHO says gender ‘exists on a continuum’ and is ‘beyond non-binary’ 57:41-74:09. Jeff barely understands anymore and wonders if we have a “Mist” like tear to another dimension…Jeff talks more about inflation and the deterioration of your purchasing power. 

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