#1420: Congressman Biggs wants to “de-woke” our military. Bob Thorpe weighs in on Rogers-Townsend race. Jeff talks 9.1% inflation.

#1420: Wednesday, July 13, 2022

9.1% inflation! (0:00-16:47) Jeff breaks down the numbers, how we got here and where its going. 

Fauci admits we were right, wonder if he’ll get silenced? (16:48-28:43)

Former Representative Bob Thorpe talks AZ election and initiatives (28:44-43:14)

Congressman Andy Biggs wants to “de-woke” the military (43:15-60:30) plus breakfast tacos, inflation and this Saturdays Trump Rally in Prescott Valley.

Congressman Andy Biggs Interview

Bob Thorpe chimes in on Arizona CD2 race and LD7 race Rogers vs. Townsend (60:31-74:14)

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