#1422: Ryan Girdusky on the House “Longshots” + Why Rep. Shawnna Bolick wants to get sued as Secretary of State and Ben Petersen with AZ RNC

#1422: Monday, July 18

Jeff’s News Picks include rents up fastest pace since 86’ (0:00-17:46) stopping bad people with a gun and more!

Ryan Girdusky of National Populist Newsletter on Substack talks the “The Long Shots” (17:47-36:59) in the US Senate and House races and also gives his insights on the AZ CD2 race and governors race. 

Jeff and Olivia talk schools that are still pushing crazy Covid protocols (37:00-43:39) including FUSD.

Representaitve Shawnna Bolick explains why she wants to get sued (43:40-63:23) as Secretary of State. Jeff and Shawna also talk education, and election integrity.   https://www.bolickforarizona.com.  + Flash floods and giveaways!

AZ Communications Director Ben Petersen talks the state of the race in Arizona 63:24-74:29 including CD2 and more.

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