#1425: Blake Masters returns. Ben, Ben and Glenn talk cryptos. Owen and Olivia visit Lowell Observatory.

#1425: Thursday, July 21, 2022

Jeff’s Top News Picks 0:00-16:20

Biden Covid positive after multiple jabs

What politician$ get paid 

Divesting from corporate “wokeism”

Ash Fork shootout 

US Senate Candidate Blake Masters 16:21-33:41 

Blake Masters Interview Audio Only

Polls put Masters on top

Trump Rally info

Using tech to lock down the border

Masters background

Breaking big tech 

Driving out the RINO’s

Lawlessness in America and spiking violence

Running against Democrat Mark Kelly who’s been “voting like a communist”

Gosar tweets about AG race & Jeff’s concerned with long haul inflation 33:42-43:22

Gosar questions AZ AG Candiate campaign finances

Jeff votes against text spammers

How long inflation may last

Understanding blockchain and cryptos? (43:23-63:20) Ben McMillan and Ben Jacobson with IDX Digital with Glenn Leest of WT Wealth discuss…

What are cryptos

What is blockchain (Jeff still doesn’t get it!)

Centralized vs. Decentralized

Where this tech may take us

Live math on air with Owen and Olivia (63:21-74:15)

+ an expanded giveaway and some inflation observations. Owen also talks Pluto and Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. 

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