#1429: Jerry Nabours on the bad state of politics in America. Mayor Paul Deasy on flood emergency. + Jeff on EV batteries, fed rate hike and election picks.  

#1429: Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Mayor Paul Deasy talks flooding and declaration of an emergency (0:00-14:23) 

+ Jeff’s Top News Picks including Fed raising rates 3/4pt and how to fix inflation. 

Jeff and Olivia answer a listener comment on electric vehicles (14:24-30:57) including the cost of batteries. 

+ Listner question on the LD6 race and comments made by Karrin Taylor Robson about Kari Lake. 

Jerry Nabours talks the (bad) state of politics in America (30:58-74:11) including…his pick for governor, senate and more. Jerry also chimes in on school choice (ESA’s) and how abortion may or may not impact the 2022 elections. 

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