#1433: Shiry Sapir talks school choice. Jim Lamon weighs in on Taiwan/US/China tensions. Jeff shares how much they’ve $pent to get your vote! August 1, 2022

August 1, 2022

Jeff’s Top News Picks 0:00-16:33 including…

  • update on polls show Kari Lake way up (+ a look at other races)
  • Navajo Code Talker passes away
  • Taiwan/China/USA tensions boiling!

How much are the candidates spending? (16:34-28:46)

  • Jeff breaks down the top spenders in the Arizona Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General and Superintendents race. 
  • SPOILER, it’s a lot!

Shiry Sapir talks about one of the most important races in the state 28:47-39:17, the Superintendent of Public Instruction race! Plus, “Decline To Sign” the petition and the leftest push to eliminate school choice.

Jeff and Olivia will be at an upcoming event in Flagstaff 39:18-43:23

Will Senator Sinema stop the inflation creating Inflationary Reduction Act ? 43:24-51:54

US Senate Candidate Jim Lamon has done business in China and discusses the Taiwan/China/USA tensions 51:55-64:44 and if the US should be involved. Jim also talks tariffs to level the playing field.

Jeff and Olivia answer listener emails 64:45-74:06 with Gary from Sedona weighing in on Taiwan and Richard from Indian Wells weighing in on the Navajo Nation Presidential Election. 

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