Arizona Primary Election Coverage

I’m gonna be posting election results, commentary and more right here throughout the rest of the day and into the evening. Please check back frequently and post any COMMENTS about the election! Jeff Oravits

√ Congressman Paul Gosar projected to win Rep. CD9 primary
√ Katie Hobbs projected to win Dem. Gov. Primary

√ Blake Masters projected time win GOP Senate nomination.

Speaker Bowers losing to David Farnsworth 61% to 39%

(6:08AM) about 80% reporting
US Senate (Rep): Masters 39% Lamon 28%
Governors race (Rep): Karrin Taylor Robson 44% Kari Lake 46%
Governor (Dem): Katie Hobbs 73%
Secretary of State (Rep): Finchem 49% Lane 24%
Attorney General (Rep): Hamadeh 32% Glassman 23%
Superintendent (Rep): Horne 42% Sapir 32%
Corp Comm (Rep): Thompson 38% Myers 33% Owens 29%
Congress CD2 (Rep): Walt Blackman 24% Crane 34%
Congress CD9 (Rep): Paul Gosar 63%
LD1 Senate (Rep): Bennett 50% Zipperman 49%
LD1 House (Rep): Nguyễn 40% Bliss 27%
LD6 House (Dem): Peshlakai 43% Tsosie 42%
LD7 Senate (Rep): Rogers 59% Townsend 41%
LD7 House (Rep): Cook 38% Marshall 31% Fillmore 30%
Flagstaff Mayor: Daggett 54% Deasy 27% Williamson 19%

(7:54PM) Just a few minutes away from election results. Will post updates here.

(6:06PM) Mark Haughwout makes Arizona election predictions. 

(3:33PM) Mark Haughwout joins me at 4:06 today!
Who do you want to win?
Who do you think is going to win?
We’ll start off on the Governors race. Your predictions? Comment here.

(3:00PM) I voted (dropped off my early ballot) at about 2:30PM at precinct 19 in Flagstaff. Poll workers told me light traffic, about 62 people since 6am. You still have time to return your early ballot up until 7PM by dropping it off at your precinct poll location.

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  1. 9:30 am today I never had more attention in my life as I dropped my ballot off at Dome sweet Dome at nau. More than 9 people said may I help you? I said hello, waved and reminded all of them they know me & I know them…especially a boy friend from many years ago who was and is a lawyer! I told him you will sue me for doing a different type of law ! Returned at 4pm to my home sweet home from visiting the election officials at ccc where we all did that election in May. They all confessed to knowing me. I asked who wants pizza from nimarcos? They raised their hands. I said too bad I must return home and listen to the Oravits Show at 4pm. Munching 1 slice for me of pizza from nimarcos & 1 slice for Tommy. Sincerely, Jillian & Tom. C U tonight on the radio Olivia

  2. 8:19 pm, and Yavapai is the only county doing any significant reporting. That is also one of the most heavily Republican counties. Why are Democrats so slow at counting?

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