#1446: Kelly Broaddus, is NAZ real estate in recession? Signing up for ESA’s? Andrea Macintosh gives the details.

#1446: Thursday, August 18, 2022

#1446: Kelly Broaddus, is NAZ real estate in recession? Signing up for ESA’s? Andrea Macintosh gives the details.

Jeff breaks down Ducey’s storage container border wall 0:00-15:00 and shares some of the contract expenses including very inflated labor costs and a $340 per day toilet. 

Picking some RINO’s for your anti-GOP quotes 15:01-22:00 is getting old!

Andrea Macintosh shares ESA signup information 22:01-43:20 and gives other program details. 

Kelly Broaddus, is Northern Arizona in a real estate recession? 43:21-57:30 +Kelly shares other market data. 

Flash mob theft on the rise 57:31-74:06. Olivia draws this weeks big winner! Jeff answers listener questions. 

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  1. Jeff,
    You talk about the government and their horrible spending. Unfortunately they have been doing this for years. I wish they had to be on a budget similar to a household or a business. Meaning if you don’t have it, you don’t spend it. When my husband and I owned Block-lite we would have several government jobs, mainly schools being build or having additions added on to them. It never failed they always picked the most expensive block. We would tell them just like any other customer that it wasn’t necessary and advice them on a more cost effective product that would work fine for their needs. Even though we made a higher profit on the more expensive block. I can not give you one time….where they didn’t go with the higher price block. I was sick then of their spending and sick of it now. People are clueless when they think the government is paying for their expensive taste….we the taxpayers are paying for it. Yes, I love that the wall is having some kind of protection….but does it matter if your throwing away money there or on the illegal aliens. Either one is not fair to the tax payers and citizens of the United States. Once again thank you for always keeping us informed. Nancy

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