#1456: Senator Wendy Rogers on election integrity, federal overreach and more. + EV overload in CA, buying cannons and Hawaii “under water”!

#1456: Thursday, September 1, 2022

Senator Wendy Rogers spends the first hour with Jeff talking about 0:00-45:50 the Governors race, LD7, have we made strides on election integrity since 2020, the odds of Republicans expanding their majority in Arizona, is DC hopeless???, how the state can defend itself from federal overreach, education  in AZ and the decline to sign movement, reactions to Ducey’s shipping container border wall and more!

ESA signup takes off (45:51-61:53). Plus another California fail…don’t plug in your EVs, days after the elites ban gas engines.  Fed says they’ll be “pain”…not for them mind you, but for the little guy. 

Will Biden’s 2nd Amendment gaff lead to inflation in cannons?  61:54-76:23- Babies vs. basket weaving degrees and more. 

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