#1459: Representative Steve Kaiser talks housing affordability. Giving up control of your thermostat for 25buck$ is a bad idea! Is the end of off roading around the corner? 

#1459: Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Inflation hits the county fair 0:00-20:59 with $18 lemonades and $16 mediocre sandwiches. Jeff shares info on the worlds insane energy policy, potential blackouts in CA, France, Russia cutting off the gas…all roads lease to more inflation, price controls and shortages…unless we quickly change course!

Prediction…big OHV/off-road restrictions and regulations coming 21:00-32:21 as deaths mount, destruction of roads and other avoidable instances occur that will sadly restrict those that tread light and respect the forest and forest roads/trails. 

Don’t give control of your thermostat to the electric company 32:22-43:18. Colorado residents give up their thermostat control for 25buck$…that was cheap…then are surprised when their thermostats were locked out and displaying “energy emergency”. 

Representative Steve Kaiser talks housing affordability 43:19-68:37 and is a member of the Statewide Housing Supply Study Committee gathering up info on how to make housing more affordable in Arizona. Is it over regulation? Vacation rentals? Land scarcity? 

Olivia shares a listener comment on horses in the National Forest 68:38-74:08

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