#1460: Senate candidate Blake Masters + “Plant based” RICE…huh! + Zach Ellman and pre-school for adults.

#1460: Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Zach Ellman on the “labor rapture” 0:00-43:20 and the challenges small business owners are still facing. Plus advice on kids and smart phones. Details on a police involved shooting in Flagstaff. And why not pre-school for adults?  Zach Ellman is President and CEO of Just Wireless. https://www.justwirelessaz.com

Blake Masters chimes in on Biden/Kelly’s student loan forgiveness 43:21-61:36 and why this unfair action has frustrated millions of Americans. Masters chimes in on Biden’s “dark” Constittuion Hall speech, the DC swamp not understanding the America First Movement and more on our open borders and the fentanyl crisis. Plus, will there be a Kelly/Masters debate?

      “Not everybody should get a 4 years degree, in fact most people probably shouldn’t.” Masters

Olivia’s happy because it’s finally happening! “PLANT BASED” RICE 61:37-74:07 … my gosh how dumb has it all gotten? Plus a listener chimes in on supply shortages and delays in the window industry. 

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  1. Great show today. However, PLEASE no cell phones for children under age 18. PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT TO ANY CHILDREN (sorry zach) if you LOVE your children ! ❤ Love, Jillian

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