#1461: Joe Galli talks housing. Monique Whitney discusses prescription drug prices. Trudy Wieber and Andrea Gurette share info on Lincoln Day BBQ.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Joe Galli of the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce offers some solutions to high housing costs (0:00-43:20) including eliminating regulations that have created hurdles for both residents and businesses. Joe discusses the minimum wage in Flagstaff which is set to increase substantially in January. Plus, despite a huge budget, the city wants more dollars through two new bond initiatives this November. 

We are extremely dependent on medications from overseas (43:21-63:47) and it’s time to bring that manufacturing home. Monique Whitney, Executive Director of Pharmacists United for Truth & Transparency (PUTT) also shares what the impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act will be on prescription drugs. Catch Moniques podcast at https://pharmacypodcast.com/podcast/puttcast/

Meet candidates at the upcoming Flagstaff Republican Women Lincoln Day BBQ (63:48-74:09) on September 24th from 12-3PM. FRW Treasurer Trudy Wieber and Membership Chair Andrea Gurette. Tickets available by calling 928-526-6232.

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