#1462: Lori Matthews, Flagstaff adding $50k+ to housing  costs due to electrification and carbon neutrality plan. Olivia discusses info on a ban on meat advertisements!

Friday, September 9, 2022 

Lori Matthews is running for the Flagstaff City Council and hopes to bring awareness to what’s  happening at the city and 0:00-43:20 at least offer some opposition to some of the more extreme positions the Council has been taking on issues like their carbon neutrality plan, housing, budgets and more. Lori also talks about the upcoming election, the lack of candidates and the two open write in positions. 

Jeff and Olivia share a new poll on the AZ Governors and US Senate race 43:21-59:24 and Olivia shares dumb news from Europe…it’s finally happening…a ban on meat advertisements! + listen in for more misc. news updates. 

A recap of some of Joe Galli’s comments on housing in Arizona 59:25-74:23

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