How I voted. by Jeff Oravits

NOTE: I’ll be live election night starting at 7pm on 97.1FM and streaming audio and video at

Statewide AZ Races

Blake Masters, US Senate (Endorsed)

Kari Lake, Governor (Endorsed)

Mark Finchem, Secretary of State (Endorsed)

Abe Hamadeh, Attorney General (Endorsed)

Kimberly Yee, Treasurer (Endorsed)

Nick Meyers, Corp. Commission (Endorsed)

Kevin Thompson, Corp. Commission (Endorsed)

Tom Horne, Superintendent


Eli Crane CD2 (Endorsed)

Andy Biggs CD5 (Endorsed)

Paul Gosar CD9 (Endorsed)

Arizona Legislature

Rich King, LD6 WRITE-IN (Endorsed)

Wendy Rogers, LD7 Senate (Endorsed)

David Marshall, LD7 House (Endorsed)

David Cook, LD7 House but not overly impressed by him!

Statewide Initiatives

Yes on Prop 128

Yes on Prop 129

Yes on Prop 130

No on Prop 131

Yes on Prop 132

No on Prop 209

No on Prop 211

No on Prop 308

Yes on Prop 309

No on Prop 310

Coconino County

Yes on Prop 445

Flagstaff Unified School Dist.

Mindy Thomas, School Board (Endorsed)

Gretchen Slover, School Board (Endorsed)

NO on Prop 447

NO on Prop 448

City of Flagstaff

Lori Matthews, Council (Endorsed)

Kevin Dobbe, WRITE-IN Council (Endorsed)

Regina Salas, WRITE-IN Council

Paul Deasy, Mayor

NO on Prop 441

NO on Prop 442

Races I’m Enthusiastically Watching

Oregon Gun Restrictions

Michigan Governors Race

GA Senate Race

NV Senate Race

PA Senate Race

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3 replies

  1. 😀 😀 Jill & Tom agree with Thee

  2. You freaked me out. I saw that Kevin Donne was a write in choice you made. I went with him as well. Filled his name, carefully spelled his last name. No mistakes allowed there I read somewhere. Then looked over some of your program notes and his name was spelled Keven on one page!! Ahhhhh! Going with Kevin still 😛

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