Senator Wendy Rogers to chair AZ Senate Election Committee

Senator Wendy Rogers, fresh off her decisive re-election bid in Arizona’s 7th Legislative District, has been chosen by the new Senate President, Warren Peterson, to chair the Senate Election Committee.

Rogers of Flagstaff tweeted out that she wants to “get its house in order with Governor@KariLake to ratify Election Integrity bills via Special Session come January 2023”

On Thursdays Jeff Oravits Show, Kari Lake said that her first priority as Governor is to call a special legislative session to reform Arizona’s electoral process. Lake also stated that she’s confident she’ll be Arizona’s next Governor citing the hundreds of thousands of early votes still to be counted that some experts predict will break heavily Republican.

An estimated 500,000 votes remain to be counted. Currently Democrat Katie Hobbs maintains a 50.7% lead to Lakes 49.3%. Lake would need to receive support from just under 54% of the remaining ballots in order to win the election.

Senator Wendy Rogers will be on the Jeff Oravits Show Tuesday, November 15th.

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4 replies

  1. what is wrong with arizona’s electoral process? you don’t like the results? that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. it just means you’re an antidemocratic and don’t give a hoot about american values or the constitution. you clearly didn’t pay any attention in civics class.

  2. I dont even live in AZ but feel as if I need to say hope Cari Lake wins. For everyone.

    • Power hungry individuals or groups have been involved in numerous tyrannical activities and/or have created major fraud, as evidenced throughout history, and that includes the USA.

      Per Our Forefathers, it is our job, our duty, and our responsibility to question gov’t against any and all tyranny! Even, if it means questioning an election process, that by all signs and indications, it stinks of major fowl play.

      Under our Republic, which is our form of govt per Our Constitution, Washington Lincoln, you are utterly, totally and completely wrong and complicit.

      The person running for the AZ Governor is also in charge of overseeing the election process. Do you not see anything wrong with that? It’s like putting a coyote in charge of protecting the chicken coup.

  3. Her homegirl lost!!

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