Hobbs projected to win. AZ statewide offices BLUE, deep red congressionally, stays red legislatively.

A quick election update by Jeff Oravits

Katie Hobbs is projected to defeat Kari Lake to be Arizona’s next Governor. The Democrats also hold the Secretary of State office and are ahead in the Attorney Generals race. Republican Kimberly Yee wins re-election as Treasurer by a larger margin than Mark Kelly or Katie Hobbs victory. Superintendent is too close to call with Republican Tom Horne ahead. Republicans hold the Corporation Commission. Democrats hold both Senate seats.

Arizona Republicans gain two seats in Congress and now hold six of Arizona’s nine Congressional districts.

Republicans in the Legislature look to hold a slim one seat majority.

So to sum it up: AZ Congressional map bright red. Senate map bright blue. Statewide offices very blue. Legislature still red.

Red + Red + Blue + Blue = Dark Purple!

What will Arizona look like two years from now?

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