#1504: Senator Wendy Rogers, what will AZ look like with Hobbs as Governor? + Recount? 6 weeks of waiting?

#1504: Senator Wendy Rogers, what will AZ look like with Hobbs as Governor? + Recount? 6 weeks of waiting?

AND a listener is done with Trump.

0:00-35:18 Senator Wendy Rogers gives an election update and shares some ideas on how to fix Arizona’s election process. Plus, Rogers talks about a tough legislative environment with just a 1 seat Republican majority in the House and Senate but with a Democrat Governor. Rogers asks everyone to make sure their vote counted by checking it through their county’s election department online. As discussed, here’s a link to all Arizona Counties where you can check if your ballot was counted. 

35:19-43:20 Congressman Andy Biggs steps up for GOP leadership role but McCarthy prevails.  Jeff gives the details and what is at play. NOTE: Congressman Andy Biggs will be on the show Thursday. 

43:21-62:05 Recount? Jeff discusses the recount process in Arizona.

62:06-74:06 Olivia shares listener comments including Nicola who wants to move on from Trump. 

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  1. Why can’t every election be a time to educate everyone on the USA Constitution, and run strictly based on those principles?

    Going further, each candidate going for Office should be required to do an intensive/extensive US Constitution class.

    Forget any endorsements and focus on the Constitution!!!!

    No candidate ever focused on the US Constitution in this election, but only on their own ideals. Time for everyone to wake up and focus on our Republic form of govt, which is not a democracy!!!!

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